About Us

We are a small business located in London Ontario, attempting to prove that companies can be socially, ethically and ecologically conscious. In a corporately driven world, we have tried to speak and effectively vote with our dollars and consumer habits and it not an easy task but also not impossible.

So we decided to source and sell a good product and use a portion of any profits we might make to help others. It took a lot of research, emails, and phone calls but we were determined to find Canadian-made, ethically, environmentally conscious clothing and reusable glass water bottles.  Although we wanted Canadian or North American made water bottles, there are no NA manufacturers willing to make glass water bottles at this time.  We kept looking (literally for years) and found Retap which is a European company who are aligned with our values and the bottles are made in Europe.

It will become very apparent that animals and animal rights are very close to our hearts, however, we do care about the rights of all.  Our aim is to become a long term sustainable company, in order to provide long-term sustainable funding to  foundations making a difference in the lives of animals and people. 

As two women witnessing all of the tough things happening in the world, we started to feel helpless, wondering what we could do to make a difference. We know there are other people who feel exactly the same as us, we just needed to find them!  I think that first and foremost, so we wouldn't feel so alone in this world and in the effort to make a difference.